visting the biggest stupa in the world...or so they say.....

Friday, June 28

A few weeks ago when our friends were visiting we took them to Bodhnath temple. It is one of the biggest buhdist temples in the world (the biggest according to some...), and from an architectural standpoint is really beautiful. Surrounding the temple is a circle of very old and colorful buildings that were a joy to stare at. Really, I think I walked around the entire circle a few times just mesmerized by the bold colors and the fabulous details of the ornate buildings!
I think Kevin wished he had a leash on me that day! 

I have been to Buhdist temples before (both when I lived in Thailand and at home in LA in chinatown) but the sheer size of this temple made it a pilgrimage site for many buhdists around the world. Therefore, many devout buhdists were circling the temple, spinning the prayer wheels with their hands as they went around. Monks around every corner! 

We found a cozy little rooftop restaurant where we could take in the spectacular views from up high and watched as people milled around the plaza. Suddenly it started to rain, harder and harder, and we left our post on the patio and crowded inside the restaurant laughing and talking.
{notice how the sky gets darker and darker in the pictures!}

 That particular day we spent some time sharing our future hopes and goals with one another. Things like having babies, traveling to south america, starting a masters program, getting a teaching job, etc were spoken into being around the table. It felt good to dream with good friends.  

I love visiting all historical and spiritual places in Nepal,
but every time I do, I'm reminded of the one true God who gave himself for us
and set us free from the bondage of making merit.
we're covered in it.
no need to work our way to eternity with the King!
hallelujah, amen!

enjoy the colorful pictures!

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have a beautiful weekend lovely friends,
tomorrow i'm off to a water park with the girls. 
they've NEVER been in a pool, much less a water park with slides, and it is their very first time in a bathing suit, so suffice it to say, I cannot WAIT for tomorrow. I am going to be all giggles, I know it! 

love Katie 


  1. These pictures are absolutely stunning. They make me long to go to Nepal! I hope your girls love the water park!

  2. Man, the temple sure is pretty!


  3. So beautiful! I love all the bright colors!! Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh wow! So much color and intricate details - beautiful!
    Your water park adventures sounds like so much fun - I hope the girls have the time of their lives and create lots of beautiful memories. :)

  5. I'm so glad you had such an amazing time!! I'm excited to hear what the girls thought of the water park! :-)

  6. Great pics! I think we'll have to do a little day trip there one of these days too :)

  7. Amazing!! That temple is so huge! Being with good friends is just the best--so glad you got some quality time with them. Have a great time with the girl at the water park. That ought to be a blast.

  8. WOW! it's huge! i love getting to see a glimpse of Nepal, it feels like such a different world than here at home. i hope the girls had fun at the pool! what an awesome experience to get to share with them :)


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