on being rescued

Monday, June 10

on Saturday night something really special seemed to unfold before our eyes. 

Our friends Patrick and Michelle are here, 
which you know, 
and they have already blessed our hearts more than I can even say.
 To be with friends that know you,
don’t judge you,
and will go into the depths of your heart with you to help process the difficulties and joys of life,
is a priceless gift. 
not to mention who laugh with you in the craziness that is Nepal. 

ie: like the time when a bird popped literally all over michelle’s head and we could not stop laughing slash feeling really bad for her, especially since it’d be a few hours before we got home.
She was a champ, poop stains and all! 

like I said Saturday, there seemed to be heavenly magic in the girls home. 
Like the holy spirit was there, soft and gentle and palpable, 
cutting deep into the wounds of the girls heart and allowing peace and freedom to pour in. 

Kev, Patrick, michelle and I spent almost 3 hours at the home, playing games with the girls. 
At one point after a large group game, everyone kind of dispersed. 
Patrick helped one girl with her science homework, 
Kevin played with the little ones, 
Michelle was in the bedroom teaching English and being taught Nepali, 
and I was sitting on the couch with sweet K. 

K is always laughing and has a smile on her face. 
Sometimes the joy is so intense I forget these girls have a past that haunts them. 
But this night, I was invited into her heart. 
And it changed my life. 

Like all our girls, she grew up Hindu. 
She told me that one time in class a friend spoke up that she was a Christian. 
K said she began to make fun of Jesus, and said 
“your Jesus I will cut up like a potato and fry and eat for dinner”. 

A few years later after horror I cannot describe, K was rescued and sent to a transitional home. 
One night in tears, she lay in bed praying, and then she remembered Jesus. 
She prayed 

“Jesus, I don’t know who you are but I know you are one of many gods. 
Will you help me, Jesus, will you save me?” 

A few days later K was brought to our home. 
Where the staff welcomed her with open arms. 
Her face lit up as she looked at me and said, 

“Katie, Jesus saved me and He loves me” 

tears streamed down my face as I sat there listening to this story of redemption. 
Listening to a story of a God that sees and hears and moves and responds. 
and saves. 

A God who is powerful yet tender. 
And mostly, a God who transforms lives. 

Rescusing us from darkness and bringing us into marvelous light. 

K described that when she came to the home, 
she met people that “understood her” and didn’t judge her past. 
People that loved her like she had never been loved. 

You guys, the way she talked about her Jesus was so intimate. 
So real. 
So transforming. 

i couldn't help but be humbled. 
almost, embarrassed. 
how often do I forget the magnitude of God? 
I treat him like a genie who should fulfill my present needs, 
and forget to thank him, and thank him, and thank him for rescuing me. 

So that night as I sat with K, we both looked heavenward and thanked our sweet Abba for rescuing us. 
For seeing us in our pain, and bringing us to greener pastures. 

for He is kind. 
that is his nature.
 He is the kindest person I know.

today, i'm thanking Abba for seeing me 
and rescuing me. 

happy Monday dearest most precious friends,
love Katie 


  1. Wow... That's really all I can say! God is so good!

  2. what a beautiful story katie. Jesus indeed is real and saves us. so thankful for that!

  3. Your words are so true and so beautiful! I just found your blog through a friend, and I'm loving your writing. I also love finding other believers who blog!

  4. so so beautiful. what a blessing to be able to learn from these girls. they understand so clearly what it means to be rescued...but really, we all need to be rescued by Jesus. So wonderful that you are open to learning from these girls, and thankful that they have your example!!!

  5. i'm honestly speechless.
    Praying for K and the other girls....wow....this was a kick in the heart, exactly what we all need.
    Thank you for sharing..

  6. oh yes. what a Love. such a blessed and timely reminder, thank you!! PRAISE JESUS!!

  7. Wow--what an amazing story. I love the power and the might of Christ to come into the worst situation and bring love and light. We truly serve an awesome God.

  8. That is such a moving story. Wow. What a wonderful thing that those girls have that place to go to, and feel comfortable enough to share amazing stories like that with you.

  9. so beautiful, praise Jesus, so thankful you can share these wonderful memories with us all the way from Nepal! love you to pieces!

  10. wow!! what a post Katie! I love hearing stories of people like this sweet girl who was redeemed by God's love. I love how intimate and personal our relationships with Jesus can become, if we just simply give Him the chance to rescue us like this wonderful little girl did. God is good! What you are doing in Nepal is just too awesome, I would love to volunteer or work for a program like this someday, spreading the good news of Christ! xo

  11. ps- just prayed for all these girls too :)

  12. Wow. What an amazing story. God is good.

  13. What an amazing story! Thank you for sharing!

  14. What an amazing story! I am so happy you got that opportunity to get to know her heart--and what a story she had!! Thank you for sharing, I love hearing what God is doing in you and through you there. :)

  15. This is so beautiful. The way God works to bring us to him is completely incredible. So glad to have read this!

    On a different note, your poor friend!! Being pooped on by birds is never a fun experience haha. Not sure that I would have handled it as well!

  16. Wow.. I'm like so speechless right now. I wanna give K a hug and join in with worshiping Jesus with you guys!! Such a humbling story.

  17. AMAZING. I am blown away! Redemption is such a beautiful concept that I've been learning a lot about lately!!! Thanks for posting!

  18. simply beautiful. our god writes the most beautiful love stories when he rescues us. love this! so thankful you were able to be there :)

  19. I think I would get along great with your friend Michelle, birds tend to poop on my head, at home and in foreign countries. :)

    I absolutely love hearing about your interactions with the girls you work with, Jesus really is a Redeemer.

  20. This was so beautiful. God is so great. xoxo


  21. Wow, that is amazing! What a great story! Jesus does rescue us and sometimes it is hard to grasp His magnitude! Love this!

  22. This is a very beautiful story. I am glad that she has learned that Jesus is not one to be cut up and eaten like a potato, but one who understands and will cut & eat us all up instead. ;)
    I can't imagine going through the things she did, but the fact that she found Jesus in the dust and ashes of her life is incredible. I am glad K has you to help encourage her in her faith.

  23. Oh, too often I do forget the magnitude of who He is and what He's done. Beautiful reminder, friend. Thank you for sharing K's story! <3


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