making a home...

Tuesday, June 18

this past weekend we spent in Chitwan National Park.
holy crap,
that place is gorgeous,
and there are elephants...
which make me weak at the knees...
i LOVE elephants, especially baby ones. 
fyi...the CUTEST video of a baby elephant is coming your way,
if my techy skills win out. 

anyway, besides the point. 

all that to say, Kev and i are flipping exhausted. 
6 hour bus rides in nepal slap the life out of you,
especially when said bus is leaky rain water onto your head like chinese torture
and a women is banchee wailing in the front of the bus 
and the chair in front of Kevin's broke so that a lady was practically lying asleep in his lap. 
buses in nepal. 
ke garne? {what to do?}

but today, as we were coming back I realized what a home we have made in Kathmandu. 
we've made a life here. 
And in some small way, I believe it's God affirmation of showing us, that no matter where we go, He will provide community, love, warmth and a place to call home. 
and this is a huge step for me...
Kev and I definitely feel that God is calling us to overseas work sometime in the future,
but i've struggled with the fear of feeling lonely. 
i'm such a people person, that I get depressed when i'm not around friends and family all the time. 
usually when we travel it's not like forever that we're gone,
so being in Nepal has really helped imagine what it might be like if we did move somewhere 
{that phrase scares the heck out of me!}

but you know what?
i'm not lonely. 
faaaarrrrr from it. 
The minute we moved to Nepal we met SOOO many friends. 
and almost every night of the week are with friends of some sort. 

so, i'm thanking God that He provides what we need,
and I need not fear for the future when he calls us somewhere new. 
for I have Him, and I have Kevin. 
and that means, i'll always have a place to call home. 

can't wait to show you pictures of Chitwan, and some crazy stories too. 
have a great week friends!! 
love Katie 

ps- just a few pics around KTM

 {haha, i laughed out loud at this picture! this is what never doing anything to your hair looks like!} 


  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! Just stunning! I'm so thankful you have found a home there! What a blessing!

    P.S. I wish I looked like that when I didn't do anything to my hair ;) You're gorgeous!

  2. Still gorgeous as ever!!!! So happy for you two dear, God is so good and those little glimpses of 'home' and affirmation are worth a thousand blessings!!! Thanks for sharing the progress of your life abroad!

    Much love,

  3. SO happy you made it to Chitwan! And the bus, LOL, it sounds like we may have rode on the same one...oh wait, that's just every single bus in Nepal! So happy you're loving Nepal. It is a very special place :)

  4. ahhh I was wondering where you had been little lady ;) Love these pics! Looks like you and Kevin are having a blast! I think your hair looks great in that picture you laughed at, seriously! I absolutely loved what you said about no matter where God leads us He always surrounds us with community and makes us feel like were at home. It is an amazing thing! I feel the same way with where God has lead me in my life right now. It's a little scary because I am not surrounded by a ton of people, but God never fails to keep me alone for too long at all! He is great!Love you!

  5. I'm so glad God is blessing you so abundently in this sesaon. :-)

  6. Wow awesome pictures. You shouldnt be scared of the word Long term. As long as you and your husband are together and happy that's all that should matter. Plus God doesnt give you things he knows you cant handle. I wish I could travel and photograph countries all over the world.

  7. Whoaa!! Love these. ANd girl you are so gorgeous!! :) Love the monkey. So cute!

  8. These pictures are amazing Katie. And your hair looks just fine! :) Can't wait to see baby elephant video!! How fun!!

  9. Girl, I feel you. The words "long term" about bring me to tears. SERIOUSLY. But I'm so grateful the Lord gives us glimpses that if He calls us to it, we CAN do it. I had a glimmer of hope from the Lord when I was in Moosonee this weekend, and just felt like if He calls us to stay, I can do it! I know exactly what you mean about fearing loneliness but then the Lord goes and blesses us with so many friends. God truly does take GREAT care of us! Such a blessing!!!!! & you look GORGEOUS!!!!!

  10. Wow! Gorgeous pictures!! The idea of being somewhere long term is scary for me too! Do you have an end date for your time there already? Home is where your heart is... So much truth to that!

  11. Glad you're feeling at home over there! =) Keeping you in my prayers!

  12. You are awesome. I just want to have a cup of coffee with you and talk to you for hours.

  13. Oh wow! That looks like such a beautiful place. Love the picture of the monkey ;) I'm glad that God is blessing you with warmth and a homey feeling in such a far away place!

  14. Great pictures Katie! Looking forward to seeing some of Chitwan!

  15. Oh my goodness, your posts make me excited for when we reach a point that we can go do service like you are again. I miss it so much. And the buses! Cambodia is so similar!

  16. Oh my gosh...this place is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I really hope to get to visit there someday in my life! Thank you, as always, for your precious words and for sharing your beautiful images with us!

  17. Thank you for sharing these images with us and for your sweet words! I'll definitely have to visit Nepal someday in my lifetime!

  18. Thanks for sharing your heart Katie, I hope that missions is in our future and the thought of being lonely always creeps into my head. I'm so glad you guys have found a wonderful community in the area!

  19. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! The bus does not sound like a fun experience though...that kind of thing would take me a while to get used to! I'm so glad that God has provided good relationships for you while you're far away. He is definitely good at knowing what we need :)

  20. i love this post katie!! so beautiful. i will be and have been praying for u sweet girl. it's amazing how God knows exactly WHAT we need and WHO we need. so grateful for that!

    ps - have i told you you're BEAUTIFUL? :)

  21. so beautiful, glad i took time to read your sweet words. charming.


  22. These pictures are beautiful!! God is so good...ALL the time!

    New follower! Follow me back too???

  23. Oh, I so understand what you mean about the phrase "long term." I have little issue hopping off for a week or three... especially since I know it's just a trip and I'll be back sooner than later. The idea of going and just living/being "long term" is a lot harder to process. But I bet you and your hubby would be great at it... and I KNOW that where God leads you, He'll sustain and provide for you to be there. :)

  24. What an adventure for you and your hubby! You two are a very cute couple :)

    Kandis at


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