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Friday, June 21

  I don't think it's any secret on this blog that I practically adore mexican food so much that you may as well consider me married to it.
what can I say? 
the best tacos in the world are my moms, 
and coming in at a close second are tacos from Bear Flag Fish Taco in newport beach. 
{i'm drooling now, dang it} 
{my tribute to bear flag fish tacos}

being as tacos are like the one meal i've mastered at making over here in Nepal,
I thought it would be fun to share my love affair with the girls in the home. 
Lately they've all been on a kick of wanting to learn Spanish. 
there are no words to describe the hilarity of what ensues when these spunky girls start running around the house yelling out spanish words (except not spanish words)
let's just say that "gracias" is a rreeeallllyyy hard work for nepali's to say. 
(or americans... side-eye Grandma Cook) 

so last week Kev and I went on our usual hours long grocery shopping expedition and ended up with all the ingredients to make some bomb tacos and quesadillas (try teaching THAT word to nepali's!). Michelle and I fired up our little gas oven and got the meat and tortillas going strong...
ohhh our house smelled so yum! 

this was the first time we'd ever had the girls over to our home. That in itself was a treat. I have a bunch of pictures up from our life in California, and it was a blast sharing them with the girls. 

then, we taught them the art of making a taco. 
oh yes, there is an art. 
and to our delight, the girls loved them! 
so much that asked for more! 

I was so over the moon about the fact that simultaneously I had mexican food and these precious girls in my house at the same time. 
secretly i wanted to round up a bunch of fire crackers and light them while banging a pinata. 

however, I settled for a rousing card game of jungle speed. 

What's your favorite food? any fun stories of times you've been able to share that meal with a friend or family member? 

have a great weekend! 
love Katie 


  1. Angel and I have single-handedly introduced my entire Dutch side of the family to the concept of authentic mexican food. They make themselves "tacos"--complete with flour tortillas, ground beef, and 'taco seasoning' from little packets. So one day, Angel decided that we had to have a party and invite them all for carne asada, served in corn tortillas roasted over our gas stove and topped with avocado, lime, and fresh salsa. It was quite the learning experience for them...but considering that the 8 lbs. of carne I bought were completely eaten by the end of dinner--I think they liked it!
    Another story...when my family first moved to Asia, tortillas were nowhere to be found, so we used to buy chapattis and use them as tortillas. I still love the taste of a chapatti burrito!

  2. This is so sweet! I LOVE Mexican food too...I might have to say that it's my favorite ever, but it's a toss up between that and sushi :)

    Have a great day, lovely!

  3. katie this is so awesome!! i LOVE tacos too, and i bet the girls had so much fun making--and eating--them with you guys. food really does bring people together :) and haha i can just imagine what the spanish sounds like, too cute!!


  4. I love it! I hope that your girls loved it too. At my goodbye party in Cambodia I invited my students over and we made spaghetti and garlic bread. They liked the spaghetti a whole lot more after they added fish sauce...Those tacos look amazing!

  5. Why is this so simple yet I kind of want to cry? You are wonderful.

  6. YUM!!! That is sooo cute! MEXICAN!! That's my favorite food too! We have it every other day! haha...we too made it for friends here and it was the first time they had it! hilarious! I would love to hear those cuties speaking in Spanish! PRECIOUS!!!

  7. Yum.....I miss proper tacos. Hard to imagine but we don't even have a Taco Bell in South Africa. Then again we only got our first Burger King about two months ago!!! Won't you post your recipe and I can try my hand at making them myself! God bless.

  8. I adoooore tacos/Mexican food! How fun that you got to have the girls over and make some! Oh my goodness, girl, the pictures look AMAZING. I want to eat that up!! :) Two years ago, one of my younger sisters brought her friend, who was also a foreign exchange student from S Korea, home for Thanksgiving. She had her first Thanksgiving meal with us, which was fun. But one day I took her around to all these local favorite places... we got icecream from the best place in town and ordered pizza from 3-4 different local places so she could try them. So much fun! Not the same as cooking it ourselves, but I don't get in the kitchen too often. XD

  9. We recently made Mexican food here, too! Quesadillas! Isn't it funny how these were such easy foods to throw together in college, but SUCH a special thing when overseas?? Our quesadillas last week took HOURS-- homemade sour cream, cheese from the city over an hour away, homemade tortillas, and hot sauce from a care package sent from my sister. SO tasty and worth it, though!!! :)

  10. oh yum! my husband and I love making homemade tortillas but i know that food is 10 times more delicious than we can make in out home!

  11. It was so fun reading about your fiesta! Glad the girls enjoyed their tacos - I made taco salad right after reading your post last night because it sounded so yummy. Love you!

  12. Oh, I bet they just loved this! I remember the first time we made pizza for our friends in China. I remember being so surprised that they didn't like the cheese on it. They don't really eat cheese in China (as in, they didn't even know what it was when we tried to describe it to them), but the night was still a fun experience. They taught us how to make jiao zi (dumplings) and we taught them how to make pizza and it makes me smile just thinking about it again. :)

  13. Okay so I am seriously craving taco's right now!! at 8:50 in the morning. Thanks for that! haha! Much love to you today friend and those pictures are great! I'd love to try your mama's taco's. :)

  14. I love this story!! It's a really good way to show people that you love them - make them your favourite dish. No bigger compliment then that :)


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