A Cambodian Market {gifts for you AND a give-away!!}

Friday, December 6

I may have mentioned in my post on Siem Reap that Cambodia has 

guys…I went a little crazy. 
ok…a lot crazy. 

I was in awe of the gorgeous items made in Cambodia. 
the fabrics..the stitching…the creativity! 
ahhh, it was beyond me:) 

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to bring back a few items for you, my readers:) 
Today on the blog I am selling a few gorgeous hand-crafted purse/bags,
and some very fun wallets and cute baby bibs! 

My reason for selling these is two-fold…
A) I love supporting local artists around the world! 
B) I thought it would be fun for you guys to see some of the beautiful treasures from Cambodia, and be able to give your friends or family something that you can't just buy at Target/Urban Outfitters/etc!! 

If you are interested in one of these items, let me know asap! 
I can mail it out to you first thing next week (or even tomorrow if you email me soon enough!!). 
{and if you want to see more detailed pictures of any item, just let me know!}

Also…I have an adorable passport cover to give-away to one lucky reader:) 
Sadly, I didn't snap a picture of it, but it matches the Elephant wallet:)
 It's so cute I debated about keeping it for myself, but that's a tad selfish of me, hehe:) 
*see below for how to enter*

Enjoy your international shopping experience….

The Weekender bag
This adorable bag is perfect for a trip to the beach or a weekend away! 
I just saw a bag like this online being sold for twice as much, and even then it would be worth it. But fortunately I'm selling it for a good deal:) 
This is a gorgeous bag that I can't stop staring at, haha! 

The Sachel Bag
This bag is so versatile! 
The strap is adjustable so you can wear it across your chest, or synch it up into a purse. 
And the designs will melt your heart…they are so stunning and vibrant:) 

The Purse Bag
A perfect purse that can fit a little extra something-something:) 
Great all-around-town-bag!! 

The Elephant Wallet
So, truly the next few items are So creative and innovative! 
The print for these wallet is made out of old cement bags! 
They take the cement bags, and then use them as the material for the wallet,
 and then line them with a nice clear plastic finish! 
They are fully functional, and just darling! 
The perfect gift for someone looking for something super unique and useful:) 

The Fish Wallet
Same idea as above with the cement bags, but this one is a fish! So so cute:) 

 The Baby Bib
Um…how cute are these? 
So cute that I wanted to wear one myself, haha:) 
These bibs are so perfect! 
They are lined with a water proof clear finish, and then velcro in the back! 

**I also have another bag for sale, that is more like a laptop type bag. It is the same fabric as The Purse Bag. Let me know if you are interested and i'll send you some iPhone pictures:) SOLD OUT

To enter the give-away: 
 -leave a comment about where your passport might take you next!! 
 -follow Hope Engaged on Bloglovin, FB, and Google Friend Connect (the little thing on the left hand side of my blog that says "members") 
It's that simple:) 
{and i'll choose one at random next Monday!!} 

 Email me at katie.emma.cook@gmail.com if you are interested in a certain bag! 
It's first come first serve:) 

Happy Friday!! Woo Hoo! 
love Katie 


  1. I'm hoping my passport will take me to China next!

  2. These are absolutely adorable! Such great finds.
    My passport is taking me back to America next! Happy to be home!

  3. Love the satchel bag.
    I don't have a passport yet, though it is an investment I am working towards when we receive our next tax return. hehe. I want to go to India.
    I follow you on bloglovin

  4. All of the items are so cute! I would go a little crazy too! Let's see, my passport would next take me to Indonesia! Not sure what island exactly, but stare somewhere and work our way around to see them all! Have a great day!

  5. my passport is taking me back to india in march!


  6. also...i can't even handle how beautiful that weekender bag is.

  7. My passport is taking me back to Central America a little less than a year from now :)

  8. Here's hoping my passport will take me on a second honeymoon with my Hubby- I don't care where, I just need to explore more of this world! :)

  9. those bags - I am IN LOVE. seriously.
    and I am hoping that the next place my passport takes me is back to Scotland - after that, the Netherlands baby!

  10. Hoping the passport will take me & the husband to Germany to visit my brother while he is stationed there after he returns from Kuwait! Emailing you about that laptop type bag...

  11. i'm hoping my passport will take me to Uganda next to work in an orphanage!

  12. Great post and such lovely items! My passport is taking me to Ethiopia this June. A year and a half of dreaming and prayng! A trip only God could plan. And then after that who knows! Hopefully Germany to see my best friend and her family and then maybe Italy with my parents next fall. Adventrue awaits! Great post Katie!

  13. Costa Rica! Can't believe i leave in less than a month!---HAYUP


  14. Chile! We are going in March. :)

    I follow on FB, GFC, and Bloglovin.

  15. I'm hoping that my passport will take me to the Africa next! But as long as it takes me somewhere overseas each year I'm happy with wherever the location is!

  16. Praying my passport will take me somewhere this summer..possibly HAITI!

  17. my passport is taking me to the galapagos next! super excited it's coming up in a couple weeks! :D and then i am hoping philippines.. but i could use a lot of discernment there.

  18. you are so right! the siem reap markets are the best!!!!! plus the environment there is more breathable and less suffocating than the ones in phnom penh.

    i like that fish wallet. it's so creative! i think it's awesome you're selling and sharing the khmer goods you bought, your purchases most definitely help local khmer artisans out.

    btw, i'm thankful you like the stories about our time in cambodia.. i share them with you because i enjoy your stories so much! =D

  19. This little Cambodia Market is fantastic! I love it! I think I followed on them all :). And I have no trip scheduled, but I would love it if my passport would take me to the Dominican Republic next to visit the boy that I sponsor!

  20. Reading your blog gets me so excited for Sri Lanka!!! You're so awesome!

  21. You're so awesome:) I'm hoping to make my way to Spain soon...it's been a dream of mine to go since I was little!

  22. :) eek! we are going to Florida in January but one day Norway is on our list!


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