Thank you for being real with me:)

Thursday, December 12

That entry, the one I posted Wednesday,
boy, I was scared to post it. 
The minute I hit publish,
 I felt a bit  LOT nervous, 
like I had exposed my nakedness to the world. 

I sat there, feebly, wondering if it would connect with anyone. 
If it would spark or resonated in the soul of another. 
I whispered to Abba and asked that even if it was just one, 
one sweet woman, 
that the Lord would use my story. 

Two minutes later a good friend texted me, 
"Katie, you give me hope and remind me that Christ's grace is active and alive" 

Then another text, 
an email, 
and comments. 
and soon the voices I heard were bringing the house down and I couldn't keep up.  

What is it with satan attacking us women with anxiety?
 with fear? 
with pain and hurt and depression? 

Oh, but with every cry I heard, 
I felt the inward surge of a women who has become free,
and I thanked God that His freedom is enough for everyone. 
That His riches are deep and wide and no one is ever left out if they desire the gift of peace. 

So friends,
I promise to get real with you and share the map I walked. 
There is no 10 step blue print, but there is my own experience, and i'll share that. 
My heart. 

So in the next few weeks I'm going to write about this journey, my journey, to peace. 
I hope you'll join along:) 

And speaking of a journey, this weekend Kevin and I are headed to the Channel Islands. 
Never heard of them? 
Well they are a group of Islands off the coast of Santa Barbara. 
I've never been but we are meeting my siblings to go backpacking, 
and i'm pumped (and nervous i'm going to die of hypothermia!!). 
But never fear, I bought a massive bag of those instant hand warmers things! 
But like really…PRAY FOR ME!! hahaha! 

Have a sweet weekend friends, and thanks so much for being honest with me and sharing your stories:) 
Let's be brave together in this!! 
love Katie 


  1. YOU ARE AMAZING. And congratulations on school!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to see what comes through it all!!! And I want to hear more! Love you.

  2. Amazing, I love the way you write and share your heart. :)

  3. I am really looking forward to reading your story. Thanks for being brave enough to share! Also, have a wonderful time in the Channel Islands! I Googled it and it looks gorgeous!

  4. i am so looking forward to hearing your heart about your journey!!! so excited!!! :) you are precious.

    p.s. got the purse yesterday and LOVE it so much!!! thank you!!!

  5. I am looking forward to reading more. You write beautifully. Thank you for sharing.

    Xoxo & now following

  6. I'm so glad you got so many awesome responses!!! I was definitely blessed by reading that post!

  7. So thankful for your courage to write what God has put in your life! Can't wait to hear what you share from your heart! :)

  8. Hi Katie! This is Rachel Heckmann (previously Wietbrock). I stumbled on your blog from a different blog I follow and when I read your post last week I was extremely blessed. It gave me hope! The past 2+ years I have been dealing with stomach issues with no diagnosis yet. It has been very rough and holding onto hope has been my greatest struggle. I look forward to hearing more about your story and healing. Praise the Lord!

  9. So glad your words are being received so well :) Continue your story, dear! Praying as you find the words that express your heart. And praying for this weekend. Have SO much fun!

  10. I've been to Channel Islands! It's beautiful out there. Most people go hiking but they also offer sea cave kayaking. It's untouched and pristine. Truly shows God's creation in its purest form. Have fun!

  11. Sharing things like that is always scary and I'm sure Satan did not want you to post your triumph, but I'm glad you did. Have so much fun on your trip. Stay warm!!

  12. I just read your post from Wednesday--And I found it rather coincidental because earlier this week I also published a post about how I fight fear and anxiety by clinging as tightly as I can to the promises of the Word! My family has gone through some really rough "It seems like everything is going wrong!" seasons...but we know that they are not the end, because we know that God does triumph after all, and that's what brings peace!
    (And I hope you have a wonderful backpacking adventure and that you don't freeze to death!)

  13. I just read your Wednesday post... so beautiful, as always. Thanks for being so real with all of us! This is exactly what makes blogging worth it =)


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