Merriest Christmas to you!

Wednesday, December 25

"The Savior- yes, the Messiah, the Lord- has been born today!" 
Luke 2:11

the savior that 
covers us in grace,
bestows mercy,
transforms us,
every day and forever. 

Today as Kevin and I lay in bed, I was overcome with emotion
that this baby,
this Jesus,
came as a Savior.
and has SAVED me from
death and destruction,
and this year, from fear and anxiety. 

Tears streamed down my face as the magnitude hit me.
This little baby, 
so brave and so bold,
proclaimed Peace for us all.

He is the Prince of Peace! 
Amen and Hallelujah! 
Jesus is the BEST gift of them all:) 

I hope you have the merriest of days dear friends. 

Merry Christmas,
love…The Cooks

  {peace to all the earth:) haha} 
{and JOY to all the earth!}
 {Christmas kisses for you!}
{ok, i'll pretend it's cold and put a sweater on, hehe!}


  1. Merriest Christmas to you and Kevin!! I love how you just radiate joy in these photos. You look gorgeous! And I love that sweater and necklace :).

  2. You are a beautiful, beautiful couple, and God's love radiates from you!

  3. Merry Christmas to you and Kevin!!!!

  4. You are the MOST Beautiful couple.....inside and out..Judy

  5. You are the MOST Beautiful couple.....inside and out..Judy

  6. Merry Christmas to you both!! And a Happy New Year!

  7. I had a very similar response. Beautiful pics!

  8. awe! i always LOVE your photos together! merry christmas dear!

  9. gorgeous photos!! Merry Christmas!!

  10. I just love you two. Pretty much the most wonderful couple. Have an incredible Christmas!

  11. Beautiful shots! And Merry Christmas to you too Katie! =D

  12. Praise Him for all the blessings He has given you and may He continue to guide you in your journey together as a couple and individually! How wonderful!

  13. Merry Merry Christmas!
    I hope y'all had a truly lovely one!

  14. Love the photo play-by-play :). I was feeling pretty overwhelmed with it as well, but after I was being a brat about it. We went to midnight mass this year and I was so incredibly tired, toying with the idea of skipping. But then like you, I started thinking of how I felt in comparison to the sacrifice and felt so embarrassed by the stroke of Eve inside me.

  15. <3 I hope you had an amazing Christmas, dear friend!!!

  16. Merry {belated} Christas, dear friend! AMEN to all you wrote! Yes! He is the best gift of them all!!
    P.S. hope you got my Christmas card in time! :)

  17. Most beautiful couple ever! Hope you had the Merritt of Christmases, Katie!

  18. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones Katie. May the baby Jesus continue to bless you give you the courage to stay strong and face whatever comes your way.

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

  19. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and Kevin!
    these pictures are so lovely.

  20. Merry Christmas!!! YOu kids are adorable!!! XOXO

  21. Hope your Christmas was simply wonderful my dear!

  22. You two are so beautiful! And so sweet together. And I totally have your Christmas card hanging proudly on my tree! :D


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