Travel Talk…what do YOU want to know?

Wednesday, December 18

Blogging is such an amazing resource, 
as women around the world are just genius & brilliant at certain things, 
of which I' just at a complete loss for!
 {like seriously, sometimes I just sit in absolute awe of ladies 
and wonder how in the worlds their brains can conceive 
such scrumptious goodness!} 
I've learned so much from other women as I've 
asked questions and 
followed DIY tutorials on other blogs!! 

One of the questions I receive on a weekly basis from my blog readers is basically,
how do you afford to travel so much? 
{and the answer is not "because i'm rich". ha}

Last week at life group my sweet friend Amanda was asking me the same thing,
and the more I got talking, 
the more I realized how I've just picked up a lot of travel tips throughout the years! 

I'm no expert, just someone that is passionate about this lovely world. 
Kev and I have been to over 40 countries {and counting!} 
and almost every state in the USA, 
and feel thankful for the experiences we've had. 
With that being said, 
i'm FINALLY working on writing a bit of a travel series based upon all the questions I receive. 

If YOU have a question about travel, I would LOVE it if you could put it below in the comments! 
I plan to consolidate all your questions, and incorporate them into my series!! 

So…ask away! Nothing is off limits! 
{wanna know how to deal with the runs? 
creepy men on long boat rides? 
been there, done that! } 

I'm so excited for this series! It's been a long time coming:) 

Happy Wednesday friends!! 
love Katie 

ps- the pictures are a sneak peak of our most recent trip to Vietnam…
one of my most favorite countries in the world!
 Can't wait for you to see the rest of them:) 
Prepare yourself for a feast for the eyes!! This country is so colorful:) 


  1. This is such a great idea! I want to travel so the money question is definitely one I would have to ask too. Also, what are three or four places that you would recommend that someone ABSOLUTELY visit in their lifetime?

  2. Yay!!! :) Goodness, where to start?! Ha. How do you plan your trips? How do you save for them when trying to pinch pennies? Where are the best places to visit in & around Thailand? How do you find the secret jems? How do you get used to a new cultures food when moving abroad? Any travel necessities? {Question overload? (: ha } Can't wait! xox

  3. This is going to be amazing. I have always wondered how you got to go to so many beautiful places! I am excited to read and learn your tips you have picked up along the way!


  4. My favorite question to ask .... what is your favorite and least favorite place you've traveled to and why :)

  5. can't wait to read this! i've always admired your well traveled writing and would love to get some tips on how to be able to travel more!

  6. Oh yes. New military wife in house.

  7. It seems like you get to travel sometimes because of new opportunities around the world, but travel seems more complicated to me because I have a very standard 8-5 job with limited vacation days - any input/advice there? I'd love to explore and adventure more!

  8. Love this idea! The husband and I are hoping to do a lot of traveling now (pre-kids), but $$$ is always a big consideration when you live off of one income. I will happily devour any tips or tricks you might have.

  9. I can't wait to read this! I'd love to hear about how you pick what places to see and how you can afford to travel. I really want to travel now while I'm still young and single and have the opportunity.

  10. I can't wait for this series!!! I think my two big questions are - how do you afford it? and how are you able to find time to travel?

  11. Ohhh, sooo excited for this!! I'm going abroad to Spain next spring, so I will be traveling around Europe and North Africa. I would also ask about the travel necessities--how to pack light?! And any advice for dealing with language barriers or culture shock? Thanks so much :)

    xo, gina

  12. I asked before and I'll ask again and again and again- how were you able to live and volunteer overseas? I was looking into doing it with the CCS and they were charging thousands of dollars to volunteer overseas for a few weeks, not including air fare. Plus having to make sure my bills are paid when I'm gone haha. I think you guys seem to live a lifestyle that allows you to (you probably don't own cars and have car payments or insurance costs because y'all are traveling so much you have no use for one!)

    Next, how do you keep safe? Obviously you know a lot about sexual abuse and sex trafficking, traveling abroad would make me super cautious and afraid. How do you keep yourself safe and protect yourself from being a victim?

  13. Dear lady,

    I have tagged you to the Sunshine Award :) More here:

    p.s. tell us about you fav and least fav place and tell us in your fav place what you would reccomend :D

  14. I am SO excited for this upcoming series!! I traveled so much growing up that when I moved to the States I kind of liked the idea of staying put for a while. That is until we went to Italy in August. Now we BOTH have the travel bug! We were talking about all the cool places we want to go last night!

  15. Can't wait to read your tips! I have been trying to convince the husband to travel with me but her has some (legit) concerns so this will help ease them :)

  16. How do you learn to adapt to the culture you are in in a short period of time? I remember going to South Korea to visit my sister and there was one day I was so overwhelmed because I wanted to acclimate to the culture the short time (2 weeks) I was there but it was hard, for a day. So how do you push through that?

  17. What are some must-haves to pack overseas? Tips for saving money when traveling in Europe? And... Any helpful info on dealing with getting sick in another country?

  18. I LOVE travelling and my husband and I took our first holiday together just this last week - a short trip to a neighbouring city in Australia. Good start for us!
    I would also ask how you can afford it - and any tips for those on tight budgets?
    Also, how do you know about all the lovely places to go? This is something we struggle with - planning what sights to see, etc.
    I can't wait!


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