My health, Part 2

Thursday, December 19

Part 1 is here

Thank you all for your encouraging emails and comments about Part 1 of my health journey. 
It's been 10+ years since I woke up that morning in the dorms feeling paralyzed,
and to say it's been a long haul would somehow minimize the road i've walked. 
"battle" may be an even more appropriate term. 

And like any battle, it required some strategy. 
and while I am not solider or commander, 
it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that our health doesn't suddenly just 
"appear" with fairy dust. 
We've got to DO something to make it happen... 
there must be a plan of attack!! 

At first, my strategy was to follow the doctors orders. 
{I mean, right? that's what normal people do!} 
I took weird medicine that I swear used every letter of the alphabet.
Medicine that knocked me out so deeply that i'd fall on the couch and could literally not get up. 
those were dark days friends, and I missed a lot of life
while my joints and muscles, and heart cried out in fear. in loneliness. 

At some point, when I mustered the courage and energy I had, 
I realized this strategy was like walking deeper into enemy territory,
ie: it was NOT working. 
and not only that…it sucked. 
it sucked the life out of me. 
it sucked the joy from my heart.
it sucked every ounce of energy I had. to do anything. 
I decided it was time to try a new plan of attack. 
one that didn't suck. 
i know…i'm a genius! 

right after we were married, one of my dearest friends told me about 
a chiropractor that used natural healing methods to treat his patients.
 I was rather intrigued, and figured it couldn't hurt just to see him once or twice! 

Well…two years later, I still see him monthly,
 and the Lord has given me back something precious to me,
my health. 

Friends, I am not a doctor or certified medical person,
but here is what I am…

Our bodies are amazing, and when treated with the proper and natural treatment, they can thrive again! 

Food was one of the first things I had to change. 
Most autoimmune diseases are the result of a poor functioning intestinal system. 
And mine was inflamed to the 100th degree. 
So I started cutting out foods that aggravated my system. 
The major ones were gluten and dairy. 
At first I freaked out, wondering what the heck I was going to eat!! 
I literally had dreams of donuts and bagels with creme cheese, and ICE CREAM!! 
{ohhh glorious mint chip I love you and want to eat you forever!} 
but soon…
I started to notice I wasn't getting so tired. 
and that my joints didn't feel on fire all the time. 
and that I didn't get achey all over. 

and every appointment that I saw my doctor, he began to realign my nervous system! 
Our brain is what sends signals to every part of our body. 
And if those signals get off course and aren't corrected,
 then our body begins to function poorly. 

I also had a horrid case of parasites 
(lots of international travel + a poor immune system= heaven for these ugly suckers!) 
So, we began to kill them off with natural remedies! 

I'm not really going to go into all the biological info because 
A) I honestly don't know all the proper terminology and 
B) it would take too long! 

But basically, I began to see the light. 
My teary nights became less and less. 
My evenings gained a few hours because I wasn't completely exhausted at 8pm like a granny. 
and my life just felt better…it felt healthy. 
I was a young person doing young things again! 

Nepal was really the biggest test, to see how I'd do back in a CRAZY parasite infested area! 
I certainly had a few nerves about moving there with my health 
But you know what, I did good! 
Yes I got sick a lot, but so did everyone else! 
And at the end of the day, I had energy and life. 
For the first time in 10+ years, I was me again! 

And you know that backpacking trip I blogged about Monday? 
A few years ago, there was NO way on God's green earth that I could have done that. 
My body was too swollen, 
hiking a few small miles put me in bed for the next few days, 
and my circulation could not handle the cold. 
I'd say God's brought me far since then, and I'm so proud that my body was able to do that! 

So for you suffering from some ailment or chronic illness,
healing is available to you. 
Life and health are not out of your reach. 
I'd totally encourage you to look for a natural chiropractic doctor,
that can sit with YOU and know YOUR body,
instead of handing you a chemical prescription he gave the last 100 patients. 

Research! You know your body best! 
Take out certain foods like gluten and dairy and see how your body reacts. 
If one doctor isn't working…try another! 
There should be no guilt and shame about that. 

Lastly, pray that God will lead you to the answers! 
You are never without hope, even when you feel hopeless. 
{and trust me…i've been there many times. 
Why do you think this blog has the word "hope" in it? 
That's what carried me through all this junk…
the hope that someday, maybe, I might get better.}
that day is here:) 

Thanks for sticking with me through this series!! 
and thank you for your prayers! 
God's abundance is ready to pour on you! 

with hope, 


  1. It's amazing what God has provided to us to make us our most whole and healthy selves. My Grandma had horrible experiences with doctors trying to diagnose her digestive issues years ago. They overmedicated her and left her worse off than she started. She finally figured out what you did- exercise and a healthy diet. She eats very plain and simply, walks as much as she can and she's going on 90 and has never had any major health problems. She's my inspiration in trying to attain a healthier lifestyle :)

  2. This is so awesome!! While I am a firm believer that modern medicine is God's mercy on us, I still believe with all my heart that God put everything we need in nature. Our food is the most powerful medicine! I am SO glad to hear that's working for you!

  3. I am a huge believer that cutting Gluten and Dairy out of your system can cause SO much good. About 3 years ago i cut down my gluten intake and i have felt better ever since! Thank you for sharing this story sweet friend. --HayUp

  4. I am so happy that your sharing all of this. I know it's hard. It's always hard for me to share because I feel like I'm negative betty.. never would we want to trouble anyone with our crazy body stories! I am so so happy too that you have found relief with chiropractic care!! I haven't ever had any luck with them, but I am so thankful that so many people have. Sometimes it takes just the right person to know what's actually going on. And drugs.. boo. So glad your off them:) Love you!!

  5. What an amazing journey!! You have the best attitude about what you've been through.

  6. God is so faithful to heal not only our hearts, but our bodies, too! I am encouraged by your story, Katie. I have a health issue that requires serious diet change, which I have been implementing for the last 8 months... seeing results slowly! Love you, girl!

  7. Thank you for sharing! You are so inspiring, and I was very encouraged by reading this. Praising God with you that you are healed!

  8. This story. Wow. You are such a beautiful encouragement, my friend. So thankful for you!

  9. Katie, I am so thankful that you have your health back. What a blessing! Christopher grew up going to chiropractors and loved them. I've never been to one, but have heard such polar opposite stories from people who have been to chiropractors. I think it is probably a case of some chiropractors are more educated and more practiced at what they are doing (which is also true of doctors). I've had long time back pain, but I've always been afraid that I'll get one of the chiropractors that will mess me up worse rather than fix me. It is really encouraging to hear your story, though. And I'm so glad that you are able to embrace life to its fullest now! :)

  10. Love this Katie! Praise the Lord- He is so good!! I had a similar thing happen to me with my thyroid. While thyroids are not nearly as life changing as lupus, I knew I did not want to take medicine the rest of my life to keep my thyroid in check. I grew up going to a chiropractor and she too practices homeopathic medicine. After 1 year of visiting her monthly for my thyroid and taking my daily homeopathic medicine- my thyroid was healed! Praying the Lord continues to heal you!

  11. I'm so glad you found healing. I'm amazed at every person's journey to health and I'm glad God restores our health!

  12. SO thankful for healing, for prayer, and for hope. This is such an encouraging post friend, and one I needed to hear today. Love you!

  13. I am so happy you are feeling better! I would love to hear more about what you eat and don't eat. My fiance has terrible psoriasis and none of the treatments prescribed by doctors are helping. We tried Paleo but nothing happened. We keep praying for light at the end of the tunnel and I'm so glad that your story has a happy ending. That inspires me!

  14. What an amazing story. God is so good and so faithful. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Such an inspiring story. I'm so glad to hear that you found the right way to heal.

  16. I'm so glad you're regaining your health, Katie. What a story of healing and hope!

  17. :) I love to hear this story of hope, and I'm glad you chose to live with hope and do what you needed to do to get better, even if there were hard choices along the way!

  18. I LOVE the Chiro! I had super bad back problems and the doctors wanted to do surgery and pain meds for the rest of my life but I don't need either with going to the chiro once a month. :) I am happy to hear you are finding help that way too!

  19. That's wonderful! I love seeing what God does for people who are fighters, and you, my friend, are certainly a fighter. I'm so happy you get to go on and live the adventurous life you've wanted to live! :)

  20. That is awesome Katie. I too thrive by natural medicine. I actually battled a severe depression without going on the usual anti depressant. Doctors said it was getting to severe, I needed medicine but knowing the side effects I wasn't ready. I dove into research, found a natural doctor and together we worked miracles. I really did work.
    Hooray for the new hopeful life you have been given.

  21. What a blessing that you were able to find a chiropracter that knew how to take care of your problems the natural way. God is so good in allowing people to truly know how to heal bodies. :-)

  22. You are truly so inspirational. I love hearing these stories of how God is working through you in all aspects.

  23. i'm so glad to hear how god has been faithful in your life and that you have your health back. :)

  24. This is such an inspiring post. So glad I found your blog. I was diagnosed with lupus about 8 years ago, and since giving my life to God I have seen my health improve. I know that He is the way to my healing and this just inspired me to share my story with others! Thank you!

  25. Just reading back on a few of your old posts and your story sounds similar to mine. I had extremely bad excema on my face of all places that I had been told by doctors was there to stay unless I underwent some extremely invasive treatment (that meant I couldn't be out in the sunshine- impossible in Australia!). I was so desperate for a cure and couldn't believe that, with all the modern medicine out there, there were so few options to fix what I thought was a fairly common skin disorder. I was told to cut out gluten and sugar and, what do you know, it was gone within two weeks. It felt like a miracle had been performed. Now, I always recommend to people to seek out a second opinion and to consider your diet. While I can't say I am totally sold on herbal remedies, the whole dietary stuff just makes so much sense. I have actually just finished reading "Brain on Fire" by Susannah Cahalan, which is about a woman who had an autoimmune disease and was unable to even have it diagnosed (people thought she was schizophrenic etc) until one doctor was determined not to give up on her. A very cool read :) Glad to hear you've got your health issues under control :)

  26. Katie!! This story is AMAZING! I am just starting to do some more research on natural medicine (I actually have a chiropractic appointment this week) and this story was such an encouragement to me. Praise God for your healing!!!


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