Africa part 3: and then it became our story

Thursday, July 19

Part 1, Part 2

  the beauty of this Africa story 
is that it is not just my story, or your story, 
it is our story

i spend my work days speaking at schools and churches and clubs
weaving stories of girls in DR Congo like Ischara, who at 14 years old had to make some pretty heartbreaking decisions, but decisions that ultimately that led her to the ELI school in the slum of Bukavu where she gained a new family, a new school, and a new hope.. 

just last week a vacation bible school here in southern california raised almost $3,000 to help empower these children in a slum through learning and discipleship. 
together, life is altered.

 the most epic of stories are those embroidered in the power of community. 
where we love through sacrifice. and welcome with hearts open.

Africa Hope Shirts...
and so sweet dearest friends, I want to share a way we can live this story together. Many of you asked if I am still selling Africa Hope shirts...the answer is no and yes at the same time.

 No, I no longer keep my website running. In the span of those 4 years I ran Africa Hope, I lived in a slew of countries, fell in love, got married, and started living in a community where my time became precious as I gave it to be present with my neighbors. To run a burgeoning business on the "side" was too overwhelming. It pained me to stop selling shirts and supporting so many incredible non-profits doing amazing work in Africa.
But in the end, to be with Christ and with people is ultimate gain.

However, I still have a lot of Africa Hope shirts left.
As I prayed about what to do with them, this is the idea I received...

I shared in my last post, Africa Part 2, that I work for Empowering Lives International. In the last year, ELI has asked me to raise 100% of my salary. Yikes, scary, right? But, as I gave this daunting challenge to the Lord, I felt so empowered that the Abba truly would provide for me. I believe in the work I am a part of, both in Africa but also the ministry Kev and I feel God uniquely placed us in here in our hometown. is where the YES comes in with Africa Hope. Below you will see a picture of all the Africa Hope shirts I am selling. If you are interested in purchasing one (and of course there is NO pressure!), 100% the money from your purchase will go towards supporting me in what I do in Africa.

If you would like to purchase a shirt, here is what you can do:
email me at: with the subject Africa Hope
tell me what shirt you would like in what size you normally wear (the shirts run a bit small so if you tell me what you normally wear I can figure out what size you'll need!)
tell me if you like to wear your shirts fitting or loose
give me your address of where to send it
and I will let you know where to send a check! 

I'm selling them for $20, and then $3 added for shipping

But the OTHER exciting part to this, is I would LOVE to give one away to one of you sweet ladies!
If you would like to enter the's what you can do: 
1) Be a follower of Hope Engaged
2) Leave a comment, including your email address and shirt style you like best
that's it! 

Kev and I will do a drawing, and pick the winner, and then email you and send your shirt right out!

women's shirts:




men's shirts:


thank you for being a part of MY story and making it OUR story. 
i am forever grateful for friends like you:) 

happy day sweet friends! 
love katie

ps- we are NOT models, so have some grace, haha!


  1. What a wonderful giveaway, Katie! My favorite is the africa dove shirt and my email is

    Even if I don't win a shirt, I'd love to buy one.

  2. These are just beautiful :) You guys have incredible hearts for the Lord! I follow you, of course! And my favorite one is the Africa dove shirt.



  3. Hearing/reading your story about Africa just makes my heart swell! Personally, God's really just put a special place in my heart for Africa, specifically the French speaking-central African countries (like the DR Congo and the Congo). I believe God is going to bless you so much with your work with ELI! My email is and I love the Shed Some Light tee!
    God Bless,

  4. Beautiful t-shirt designs and beautiful story! Thank you for sharing; reading your journey was truly a blessing.

    My email is and my favorite one is Africa tree.

  5. All of these Africa posts have left me in tears! I thank God for you big and beautiful heart Katie!

  6. I've loved reading these posts! Thanks so much for sharing :) My email is tiffany.johnson1214@gmail and my favorite shirt is the africa dove.


  7. What an inspiring story, especially because it's true.

    My favorite is the Shed Some Light tee, and my email is

  8. Once again I love that you love my continent so much!! There is so much work and such a great need here and getting involved can be overwhelming but I am so grateful that God has guided your footsteps to this very place...

    I love the mens shirt Africa wings because that is how I see Africa.....raised up with wings like an eagle!!!

    I will definitely be purchasing one!!!

    Email address is:

    God bless

  9. How wonderful this was!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love the Africa Dove shirt, and yes I follow your blog.

  10. I love what you guys are doing, it is inspiring and an awesome picture of people abandoning themselves to the Lord's direction in life!!
    tshirt size - small

  11. These are so cool! I really like the Africa Dove shirt =)

  12. these shirts are so cool! and you guys could be models. : ) I love the africa dove shirt!

  13. This is AWESOME, Katie! I'd enter, but since I already own three.. I'll give someone else a chance (:

  14. I love the Africa tree shirt!! Its so gorgeous!

  15. africa has a soft spot in my heart!love the africa dove shirt :)

  16. This was a great story, Katie! The African language shirt is my favorite! I know you have my email :P

  17. Wow, Katie! Your servant's heart for Christ is unbelievable & really just an incredible witness to everyone around you! I am loving the Africa Dove style shirt! Praying for you as you continue your journey,

  18. I LOVE the Africa Dove shirt! I haven't heard of ELI before, I'm going to look into them after I write this comment. My email is emi_jo08(at)hotmail(dot)com, and I'm hoping that if I don't win, I'll be able to buy a shirt :) Did you design them?

  19. These shirts are really cool. I love the dove one. I visited South Africa many, many years ago, but I would love to travel back there and to other places in Africa. I'm now a new follower and can't wait to follow along! I also love that we are both Katie's who are married to Kevin's!

    Katie :)

  20. Loved your blogs about your Africa journey. And the VBS at your house that you and Kevin did looked like so much fun - great idea! It is awesome to read how God is using you two in your neighborhood. Of course I can't pass up a chance for something free - Ha! I liked all your shirts, but I think my favorite is the Africa tree. And I had no idea that you raised so much money from your shirts - that was so cool. What an entrepreneur you are! :-)

  21. i LOVE the Africa Drip shirt!!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!! You're awesome!!!

  22. i love the africa red shirt!! and love this story. and of course i'm a Hope Engaged follower. duh. ps just drafted a massive email to u. haha i had a lot to say!!

  23. These are gorgeous! I'm definitely going to have to order one if I don't win! What would additional shipping to Canada cost? I love the Africa drip and shed some light.

  24. i am following your blog now! and my favorite shirt is the africa dove t-shirt email address is megmouch(at)gmail(dot)com and thank you so much for what you are doing to spread God's love and give people hope

  25. I love these shirts, love your heart for Africa and I love YOU!
    My fav is the Africa Dove :)
    Purchasing a shirt for my boyfriend too!

  26. Love your blog and these shirts, Katie! My favorite is the Africa dove shirt... although I adore all of them! My email is kaitlincasey {at} hotmail {dot} com. Thanks so much :) God bless you!

  27. These are too cute! I may have to buy one when I get paid again. :) I love the shed some light one and the dove one! :)

  28. what a beautiful story! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Africa is a truly special place. It is so great that you are still giving back.

  29. Lovely story! My cousin is in Africa right now for the next 2 months. She went last Summer and her heart was completely stolen. I wouldn't doubt if she chose to stay for an extended amount of time. I hear Africa is amazing. Would love to visit someday!

  30. I love the shirts! I am so glad to have found your blog. Your ministry is inspiring in this day and age, so glad to see. God can use us if we are willing! I like the dove shirt. It would be great to win, but if not, I'd like to purchase one. A great visual reminder of the fields ripe for harvest. Thanks for the opportunity!


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