may it be YOU

Tuesday, July 10

happy tuesday dearest friends
there are SO many things I want to blog about this week
my glorious weekend home in northern california, Dingle Ireland, the exciting ways Abba is brimming hope into our neighborhood redeeming despair.
too much I tell you!

but today I was humbled.
I was grounded. 
I was reminded that TIME is our life. 
and CHRIST is our confidence. 

Ann Voskamp beautifully awakens my soul,

"All you have here is one lifetime and time. is. your. life. When you spend time with someone, what you are freely giving away is your life. Do this — this is the way of God. But when you spend time with screens, what you are freely giving away might be your very soul. Isn’t this the way of insanity? Anything stealing your time, it’s stealing your life.

And that pressure you feel? To fit some mold, that very real pressure that’s trying to form you into the image of this crazy, trendy world? Resist it and write this on your heart:

What will keep you from doing much good — is caring too much what others think.

This isn’t only a phenomenon of adolescence. This can be the foolishness of adults.

What would the world look like if Christians didn’t care about keeping up with the Joneses but about keeping company with Christ?

Maybe we’d keep our souls from insecurity and our minds from insanity?

Maybe we could be brave enough to be different, have less and be more, and change the world?"

sweet Jesus, may it be YOU.
YOU that I waste my life on.
that sweet time languishes in your presence.
may reading books to 4 year old neighbors
and taking walks with sweet college girls
and payer with my husband
give way to screens.

because I only have just one life.
may it be YOU.
love Katie 

{visiting my sponsored Compassion child in Kenya}


  1. I'm reading her book right now and it has been such an encouragement to see all the ways that God blesses me daily. and I love that picture at the end!

  2. This is one of the most powerful posts i've ever read, thank you for it. It makes me realize how much time I waste, and how much good we could be doing with it instead.

  3. So beautiful and so true!!! Gotta love Ann with no E!! Thanks for the encouragement love!!!

  4. This post is beautiful. Those words are beautiful. That picture is absolutely beautiful. Love all of this!

  5. i love ann voskamp. she writes beautifully and
    her words are so convicting.
    wonderful post, thank you so much for sharing.

  6. What a beautiful post. May many learn of the love of Christ and see how amazing He is! I love your skirt in the last picture by the way!


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