when you pray, move your feet

Tuesday, July 24

earlier this week my sweet friend Juli wrote this, 

"There is an African proverb that says: 
“When you pray, move your feet.” 
While there is immense value to listening and being still in prayer and seasons when waiting is what is being asked of us; as this proverb infers, prayer also involves response and action. 
It is much like love. 
Love is more than words spoken from our mouths. 
It must be lived out in the patterns and actions of our lives. 

When we love, broken things of this world are restored and made new..."

 Kev and I have cried out to Abba,
asking that our dearest neighbors come to know Love itself. 
the grace, and redemption, and freedom Christ brings. 

but our cries should not echo in the emptiness of their words. 
let us move our feet, yes
and allow God to fold us into our own prayers. 

our prayers that sweet precious children in our neighborhood, whom we have come to adore and treat as our own, would know Jesus and experience his love.

so we become the church. 
we are inadequate, yes, but we are empowered.
we let the spirit move, 
and soon we are ok to sing off-key, and wear crazy hair, and play with water balloons, and LOVE. 

and that is what we did. 
last week our sweet life group/volunteers came for 2 hours each night, and we hosted 30 kids at our home for VBS. It was the Big God Story, in action. 

ninos we'd never met, heard us singing and playing games, and drifted towards our apartment,
 "can we come?"their sweet eyes pleaded. 
YES, for there is always room for more in God's kingdom. 

every night more kids, because the Spirit is contagious. 
they came early, they stayed late. 
they made us laugh, and wore us out. 

the very last day we invited all the parents to a BBQ. 
a lot happened that night, and most I probably won't recall, 
but this, oh yes, this I will never forget:

she stood there, we smiled. 
"thank you for teaching my children about God. I want to, but i am always so busy"
I nod, and smile and tell her how much I loved her kids, and what great things they had to contribute during small group. 

"i am from mexico" she continues
"but i've lived here for 17 years, 
i've always felt that americans, they looked down on me, that i am not good enough. 
but you, you all changed that this week. you loved my kids."

i almost choked. tears.
i smiled at her, took a breath and said what my heart believes more than anything, 
"we are all brothers in sisters in Christ, and THAT is more important than anything else. we are family. more important than our skin color is our identity in Christ, and that trumps all"

and that week, it did. 
Christ is it. 
He's all. 

and so our prayers were answered. 
LOVE came. 
and trumped all. 
and so we continue to press in. 
we feel tired, and pretty inadequate, but when we pray
and often, his movement involves us. 

so, as we pray, let's also move our feet. 

enjoy these sweet faces of Abba's precious ones.....

much love love love,


  1. KATIE!!! Oh my GOODNESS! I was away camping so just had to update on your blog! I am BLOWN away and truly moved that y'all did a VBS at your own home!!! That is HUGE! I know exactly what you mean about feeling inadequate, but isn't it crazy how God seems to work in spite of us??? I love it!!! I'm so proud of y'all are so thankful that the kids in your neighborhood have someone loving on them and teaching them the Truth the way y'all do!

  2. Gosh talk about being moved to tears....all I have to say is that God is good!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, what a touching story! The impact you guys had on all those kids who got to learn about God is invaluable! Our Lord works in the greatest ways, doesn't he?!

  4. What a beautiful story!! One of the things I've realized about myself lately is my apparent need to keep the Gospel to myself. I am trying to get over that and start sharing the Word, especially in my community, so it is encouraging to see others living out their faith!

  5. oh i love this!!! yes, action indicates a LIVE faith!! love the crazy hair day :D

  6. Wow =) This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing that wonderful proverb as well. I wrote it down and stuck it on my mirror this morning. I love getting to see how the Lord is using you in the lives of others =D And it's so awesome to see these kids get "loved on" by you all!

  7. aw, this all looks like so much fun! adore! :)
    xo TJ

  8. Katie!!! this looks like so much fun! what a fun week of vbs!

  9. Katie your blog is always so inspiring, God moving through you, you just being open to it. You're amazing. God's amazing. Hugs!

  10. those kids are so lucky to have you guys! and so cool that you are letting God use you - I wish I was your neighbor and could have helped with your week!

  11. beautiful, beautiful! you are so amazing. can't wait to meet you someday :) email coming your way about that, btw ;)

  12. I love the pictures! That proverb is so though provoking...thanks for sharing :)

  13. This is so great Katie! I am so glad you guys had the chance to open your home to so many blessed kiddos. What joy!

  14. Katie, this is so great! You are an inspiration to me!

  15. It is sad that anyone would look down on someone because of where they come from instead of trying to show them the love of Christ.
    Your opening quote about keeping your feet moving while praying is really one to take into consideration!!! Yey for crazy hair day. I used to do stuff like that with my hair on "wacky wednesday" and such when I was a teen for "spirit week" things they'd do.

  16. I love what you're doing.
    seriously, you really live a life of faith.
    so glad to have found your blog :)

  17. Katie, this is phenomenal. What that woman said to you - I almost choked on tears reading it!!! And holding VBS at your house, man, that's truly being the hands and feet of Jesus. You are such an inspiration :) And thanks for following my blog!

  18. Loving your blog Katie, so cool to hear how Jesus is working in and through you!

  19. wow, this is INCREDIBLE! this is my first time on your blog - you come HIGHLY recommended ;) - and i am truly inspired. now THIS is love. what are blessing you and your group surely are in those kids lives!

    i can't wait to read more from you. thank you for sharing so beautifully!

    have a great day!

  20. This is beautiful! I love your blog. You are an inspiration!


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