sweet laguna beach

Tuesday, July 3

 so here's the thing. 
laguna beach is special to me
not just because it's breathtakingly magic
or because it clothed in an adorable robe of cuteness
or even because it's famous or artsy
and has a bomb irish pub that kev and I spent last st Paddy's day at

my heart loves laguna because it's on those sands 
in big hats and floral dresses that i get to spend time with my friend Katie
you know those friends where you both share the same freckle on your heart? 
where you can verbalize your deepest struggles and
instead of people looking at you like you are one CRAZY lady
they instead grab your hands and cry ME TOO, ME TOO, I understand!
and something in you leaps, because you now find a common plane to process
and it's like the buckle clicks, and for the first time
 you are sharing the "same page" with someone else?
ya, that's the way it was this past Sunday in Laguna. 

I think know friends are one of God's greatest gifts. 
Abba uses friendships to bring us closer to Jesus, 
to stand together in the pain
and to jump for JOY in the exciting. 
friendship is sweetness and holiness
wrapped in the Father's embrace. 

lately i've been so thankful for you my bloggy readers. 
for your friendship, even if it's not conventional. 
it's still real and lovely after all. 
so I hope you know i'm am excited to get to know all of you more. 
so let's learn, and process and jump for sweet joy, and cry and laugh, and blog together.

...and, since we are friends, i'm excited to share more about a hilarious favor I did for someone a few weeks ago. and if you know me, you will be baffled as to why they asked this of ME. trust me, it's funny stuff.....
so much love love love


  1. You are delight. Purely. You are one of the places I always go to be uplifted and be reminded of who God is and how big He is :)
    Love you friend i have never met.
    Love, Anna

    And I know what you mean by those friends. They just hold your heart.

  2. I love those people in our lives! Such a breath of fresh air! Ahhhh such a beautiful gift from God! Happy 4th July my friend! Sally xoxo

  3. it's so special when god places those special people in your life. this was a beautiful post! xox

  4. Yes, I agree...friends are truly special (especially those who know you know you and still love you-ha!)!!! All friends, especially bloggy ones are a gift!!!
    Have a great 4th!


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