a bigger story, how a wedding taught me community

Thursday, July 5

for those of you who read my last post, here is the secret i'm letting you in on:) 

6 months ago our dear friends from the neighborhood asked us to host their baby shower (here). we were more than excited to open our home and our hearts during this season of celebration for them. 

4 months ago we were completely honored when they asked us to be the godparents (here)
 the padrinos, for their sweet baby Lili when she arrived. 


2 months ago they texted me to see if I would be the photographer for their wedding. I seriously laughed our loud when I received it, for A) I am NOT a photographer and B) I am NOT a photographer. 


it was a toss up. I wanted them to know how much I loved them, so saying no didn't seem right. 
but, at the same time, I really have zero experience shooting a wedding and didn't feel super confident behind a lens. and have no desire to be a photographer. 

so of course I texted back and said YES
(but also said "just so you know i'm not a professional and am just learning!!!!!")

they said "wonderful, you can practice on our wedding" 
haha, practice seems like giving me too much credit,
they should have probably said "you can begin at square one and learn everything you need to know at our wedding" 

but you know what?  it was one of the most beloved memories I store in my memory bank. 
and this is why:

my neighbors have taught me more about community than ever before. 
i saw a group of people who love each other come together to make this wedding happen. 
no one had a lot, but everyone gave as they could. 
they sacrificed for the common good, an expression of love. 
on the wedding invitation it read 
"Padrinos" and then listed everyone who gave, and what they gave. 
there was a beautiful list of melodic mexican names like 
"pedro y maria gonzales: chairs, sergio y rosa gomez: cake" 
and then at the bottom was us gringos
"kevin and katie cook: photography". 

but when i saw the invitation, my hazel eyes brimmed tears. 
because my neighbors had given us an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.
 and isn't that the sweet fragrance of community? 
when people come together for a BIGGER STORY than their own? 
when they give collectively to something WORTH celebrating? 

and I was so reminded of the body of Christ. when we deny ourselves for the sake of the cross, coming together with our own gifts to love one another and to ultimately celebrate the KING!

so yes, my neighbors gave me a gift when they asked me to photograph their wedding. 
the gift of community. 
and even though I wasn't qualified, it wasn't about that. 
it was about love. and it was about togetherness. 
and I felt that. 

congratulations dearest friends. kevin and I love you dearly. 
and baby, thanks for being the best second shooter ever. now let's shut down our business:) 
love Katie 


  1. Oh Katie, the photos are stunning!!! I understand your nerves though recently a friend asked me to take photos are her birthday celebration and I just about had a panic attack!!! I have only had my "big girl" camera for four months.

    You did a good job and what a blessing to have captured such a joyous occasion.

  2. What an amazing story! And the pictures look great! What a blessing that you could use what you have (a beginning knowledge of photography) to bless this couple! And I love your attitude about saying "Yes" to being the photographer even though it way outside your comfort zone! that's awesome.

  3. what a neat story. and so neat that you have been involved in such big moments in their life. and those pictures are gorgeous! what a beautiful couple!

  4. what an awesome story! And you're a pretty good photographer for not being a "photographer"!

  5. oh my goodness im crying reading this. what a beautiful way to share their wedding day. and lovely pictures i might add :)

  6. what a beautiful wedding and such amazing pictures. precious story!! :)

  7. These are awesome, Katie!!!!!! Seriously!!! Welp, now I know you and Kev's career back-up plan. (: You are so ridiculously talented.

  8. These photos are stunning! Great job! And I love the story behind them...it is wonderful when a community/family gets together and celebrates something as beautiful as marriage.

  9. Wow!!! So beautiful my friend!!! What a precious day this must have been for you all - thank for sharing! Be blessed :) Sally xoxo


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