happy monday give-away, and such!

Monday, July 23

happy Monday dear friends!

there is still time to get into the Africa Hope t-shirt give-away!! to enter, click here
Kev and I will be picking the winner on Wed, so make sure to get in on the fun:) 

and ps- thank you to so many of you that have written me and encouraged me in this journey. I was so blown away by your sweet emails and notes. seriously, thank you! and I can't wait to start featuring all you lovelies wearing these shirts all over the US/world! My sweet friend Amanda from Marshall's Abroad just sent me a picture of her in Okinawa Japan rocking an Africa Hope shirt. She actually bought 3 a few years ago and wrote that she STILL wears them, love it! thanks Mands!! 

in other news, last week Kev and I hosted a vbs for kids in our neighborhood. it was pretty much the best thing ever...

it's true, kids say the most hilarious things! 

I can't wait to share more about it! But i'll leave you with a few pictures to show you the fun we had!!! 

{KC drew me and him on his backpack...he's the one giving me the flowers...SO cute!}

besides recovering from VBS, Kev and I spent the ENTIRE day on Saturday at the beach playing volleyball and bbqing with friends...glorious!
and then today we deep cleaned, because you know, 30 kids running around your house for a week can make a place dirty F-A-S-T!  (and by 'deep' I mean I got out the old toothbrush to clean every nook and cranny of our bathroom! count it people, it doesn't happen too often, i'm no martha stewart! haha).

We also got some sweet visiting time with our adorable god-daughter Lili. there is nothing better than baby smiles and laughter. 
hope your weekend was fantastic.... 
Have a GREAT start to your week! 
love Katie 


  1. I love that you got to host VBS. Since I've been a working girl I have not been able to get time off during our annual VBS. I do miss it!!!

  2. That VBS sounds like so much fun--my first time working at a VBS rather than just going there as one of the kids was when I was 15 and got assigned as the teacher for a class of about ten kindergarteners. Turns out that no one who was organizing the program at our church knew how old I was (tall white people ya know, it's really impossible to tell their age! :P ) but I had a blast even if it was a bigger assignment than I expected!

  3. That so cool that you do that for your neighborhood kids! And 30 of them in your house?! I'm impressed. Teach me your ways wise one =D

  4. VBS looks like so much fun and your god-daughter is so adorable!!!!!!

  5. awww. VBS is sweet. I helped out a few times in the past and it takes up a lot of energy, so great job on doing that!!!! Babies!! I love babies!

  6. what precious kiddos!!! and beach volleyball is so much fun :D

  7. Hey there! I am big fan of your blog and a regular reader, I recently nominated you for an award link-up thing I got involved in. Stop by Me+Life+Coffee to take a look! Hope you are well, Sally xoxo

  8. Aww your god-daughter is beyond adorable! Great shots! :)

  9. Your VBS looks like a blast! :) Thanks for following my blog! I love the purpose and theme behind your blog, and I'm really excited to read more!

  10. Oh my goodness, I totally have that green Africa Hope! My friend bought a few at Mt. Hermon in the Santa Cruz Mountains (CA) and then gave one to me. CRAZY! I hadn't realized that you started Africa Hope Apparel... what a small world! God is so cool in the ways that He works!

    1. Gennean!! OMG, that is incredible that you own an Africa Hope shirt. Yes, I worked at Mt. Hermon for 3 years and sold them in the gift shop there. I LOVE that you own one:) That just made my day!!! Love Katie

  11. I should mention I've had the shirt for over 3 years!

  12. Sounds like a fun weekend! I love that you and your husband hosted a VBS. I'm sure the kids had a blast!

  13. yes, i live in ohio, in the cincinnati area! its a fun city, but i would LOVE to visit (and probably live) in california... how fun! i bet you all have great weather. let me know if you ever make it out here!! there are some other fun bloggers that live in the area too :) hope your weekend is blessed!

  14. The little girl in those last three photos is TOO PRECIOUS. Oh my! :D

  15. you and all your travel photos and Africa Hope efforts are AMAZING my friend!


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