happy monday...happy talking

Monday, July 30

oh goodness.
you know those conversations that make you giggle? 
i love to relive them, because they have me in stitches! 
{we LOVE to laugh!}

here are a few of my favorites from late: 

in the car
So there's this creepy radio personality named Delilah, have you heard of her? Today she came on the radio while Kev and I were in the car, and we began to speculate about what she looks like: 

Kev: I picture her with black hair
Kev: and long creepy nails (makes a claw with his hand)
Kev: and a boil on her head
Katie: so...uh, like a witch? 
Kev: oh?...yeah!

evidently we were WAAAAY off...we googled her when we got home, and she's blond and no boil. But the nails...yet to be seen! 

at the restaurants
so kev's family owns a bunch of restaurants. to preface, kev and his brother are two handsome lads. here are 2 of my fav convo's with customers....

Nate: hi, what I get for you? 
Woman: mmmmmhhhhhhmmmm, where are YOU on the menu? (finger sway included)
Nate: uuuuuhhhhhh
Woman: I'll take an order of YOU, yes I will.
Nate: ooookkkkk, so what else did you want? 
 {Kevin, Nate and I visiting my sister polly}

Kev: hi ladies, i'll be out with your sandwiches in a moment
ladies: oh thanks
Kev: anything else I can get you in the meantime? 
ladies: well, when you bring the food out, you can just bring yourself over too and sit on down with us! Do you cost extra?
Kev: uhhhhh

in the neighborhood
Kevin: what is one thing you can't live without?
neighbor girl: my mom and spiders
Kevin: spiders? 
neighbor girl: ya, and sharks and  snakes and scorpions
Kevin: right (because who couldn't live without those?)

neighbor kid: can you move that cabinet?
me: that thing right there? (pointing to it)
neighbor kid: ya
me: buddy, that's called a chair

at the gym
kev typically plays basketball when we go to the gym, so when i'm done with my work-out, i'll go and watch him play for a bit until we leave. 

guy standing on the side-lines: is that yo' boo? (pointing at Kevin)
me: uuuuhhhhh, wait, what? (me looking extremely confused!!)
guy: i said, is that yo' boo? 
me: (being white and SO not up to date on my pop-culture references, finally gets it!) umm, ya
guy: ok, cool

hope this gave you a smile:) 
I cannot believe Kev and I leave on Wed. for Alaska for a week and a half! 
we're excited...we've never been there! 
any tips for those of you who have? 

also, don't forget you can still buy an Africa Hope Shirt. 
i mailed my first two on Friday! 
for a list of all the shirts, click here

have a WONDERFUL day! 
love Katie 


  1. Hilarious! I love the funny conversations of everyday life, and the conversations from the restaurant...oh man, people are interesting!

  2. So funny! The kids one's cracked me up!!!! Y'all are for real world travelers, that's SO awesome y'all are going to Alaska!!!!! Can't wait to hear about it!

    1. Oh gosh, this are all too funny! I'm so glad you shared these.

  3. Oh goodness, this had me cracking up! The ones at the restaurant of the guys getting hit on are hilarious! What a great start to my morning :)

    PS- Have an awesome time in Alaska!

  4. These are so awesome! I always mean to write these kinds of conversations down but I always end up forgetting. I love to laugh! :)

  5. Haha! I should do this too. I laugh at our conversations all the time. Hehe. I always pictured Delilah with a horrible red permed mane...with a wort! haha!

  6. The one on your boo had me laughing so hard, because I once had a similar situation and was completely clueless as to what they were talking about =D I'm very slow at catching onto popular lingo.

  7. Delilah is the worst! My mom and I always made fun of her growing up. So cheesy!

  8. Oh Delilah...I saw a picture of her and she is NOT what I pictured at all! That's great your husband pictured her as a witch. Haha.

  9. Bwahahaha! hilarious! i can't wait to see you in two days kate! love you!

  10. These are absolutely hilarious...especially the women in the restaurant. Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Hahahha these had me laughing so much
    I love how your brother-in-law responds

    you have a great memory!

  12. haha you are making me laugh!! love this. laughing at what you said about delilah - i've totally thought the same thing about her :)


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