Hammocks and Hikes, Cambodian Countryside

Monday, December 9

My last few travel posts have explored the glorious Cambodian countryside.
ohhh...I could sing its praises for days:) 
the same day we got out of Siem Reap and 
saw the Lotus Pond, and Ton Le Sap Lake, it was blazing hot! 
We knew we wanted to stop for a cold drink, 
and had seen these incredible bamboo huts lined with hammocks. 

Really, what better way is there to relax than with an ice cold drink 
and a hammock 
overlooking a gorgeous view?!?!?! 

So we stopped. 
and time stopped.
I tell you what, I have never been SO relaxed in my life. 
It was though time stood still!! 

It also didn't hurt that there were the most darling children sitting in the hut with us! 
Oh My Geeeeeeezzz!!! 
Cambodian kids are just the cutest!!! 

We also had our driver pull over when we saw a cool hill that hat a neat staircase up to a cool view! 
And a view it was indeed!! 

Just as a travel tip {for what it's worth..}
sometimes, the best days of your trips will be the ones you don't plan! 
sometimes, you just gotta explore, and you'll be so glad you did!! 

Happy Monday sweet friends! 
love Katie

And as an update, 
I've almost sold out of all the fun Cambodian treasures featured in last post. 
I have a few bags and one wallet left if you are interested! And…i've discounted them for you too!! 
You're welcome:) 

PS- The winner of the give-away is Amy from Taking Steps Home!! Congrats girl!! 


  1. Love those little babies!! And there definitely has to be room for unplanned adventures in any trip!

  2. what fun! and what gorgeous pictures. yup, unplanned days are the best.

  3. unplanned adventures are the best :)

  4. definitely crushing on those hammocks!!!!

  5. Oh my gosh, Cambodian kids ARE such cuties! I can't wait to visit next year :).

  6. haha! we went to the one right NEXT to the hut that you went to! AND climbed those same stairs! by the looks of it, we would travel perfectly together ; )

  7. How beautiful! I have an obsession with hammocks. I have two beautiful Brazilian hammocks ... in storage =(. Someday they'll be up though! Glad you had a relaxing time here.

  8. lounging on hammocks and eating fresh mangosteens and fresh seafood (Or papaya salad) is one of my absolute fav things to do in cambodia! (well, 2nd to see the fam) when i was there at those kinda huts/restaurants, i often wondered..'where are all the tourists... they have NO CLUE how awesome it is to hang out here...' most the places i went to were visited only by locals. (my family would bring us there). so i'm so glad you got to experience one of the most relaxing parts of cambodia! it's especially welcomed after leaving the hustle and bustle of a city like phnom penh (Or whatever other city you had come from previously). =)

  9. What beautiful pictures once again! Any place that has hammocks is a winner in my book! We had some wonderful naps on our hammocks in the Amazon Rain Forest of Peru.

  10. Wow, that does look like the most glorious afternoon!

  11. "sometimes, the best days of your trips will be the ones you don't plan!"

    So True! =D

  12. These pictures are amazing! I hope you had a wonderful trip!!

  13. Those hammocks look absolutely delightful! And the kids are beautiful. And right about now, I love the idea of swaying back and forth in a hammock on a warm day taking in a beautiful view. :)

  14. Gorgeous images!!



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