Gorgeous Earrings Give-away!

Thursday, January 16

most of you readers know that I do not do a lot of product reviews/give-aways.
I receive a lot of emails asking me to review products, 
but I am pretty selective about what I choose to promote! 

However, when I got an email from a sweet woman named Eaindar from Singapore,
I was so impressed that she had started her own company. 
I am in full support of women entrepreneurs around the world,
and I loved her products! 

Eaindar runs a company called Earrings Nation. 
The company is a perfect place to buy bridal jewelry for your or your bridesmaids,
and also if you are looking for some lovely every-day items too! 

I picked these gorgeous Golden Shadow earrings here. 
I asked Eaindar if she would swap the more fancy hook with a basic one, 
and she was more than happy to oblige! 

Friends…I LOVE these earrings! 
I wore them all throughout the holiday season. 
I loved that I could dress them up with my Christmas dress, 
or wear them more casually with jeans and a sweater to church. 
I received dozens of compliments every time I went out,
they were a real winner in my book:) 

So…here's your chance to win this stunning accessory! 
To enter the give-away you must:
1) Be a follower to Hope Engaged {Bloglovin, FB}
2) Go to the Earrings Nation website {here} and then write in the comment section of this post what piece of jewelry  you liked the best! 
3). "Like" Earrings Nation on Facebook {here}

Easy Peasy! 
Good luck and happy Thursday! 
love Katie 


  1. The ones you pick are very beautiful!

  2. I loved the gold filigree earrings!

  3. I really like this: http://www.earringsnation.com/bridesmaid-jewelry/clear-glass-and-mint-opal-stylish-glass-oval-drop-earrings#.UtfVxCgTSPE So pretty!

  4. I love the clear glass + peach earrings! http://www.earringsnation.com/bridesmaid-jewelry/clear-glass-and-peach-stylish-glass-drop-earrings

    I also love this necklace: http://www.earringsnation.com/bridal-jewelry/golden-shadow-swarovski-crystal-bridal-necklace

    Seriously, everything in her store is gorgeous!!

  5. What a great giveaway! I'm loving the Floral Wreath Charm Drop Earrings. They are so pretty. I hope to win!

  6. those look so pretty on you!!! :) i love this twig & bird charm necklace: http://www.earringsnation.com/everyday-wear-jewelry/twig-with-mini-initial-bird-charm-personalized-necklace#.UtfssfRDsxw

  7. These are so cute and pretty! I'm loving the Floral Wreath Charm Drop earrings and the Clear Glass and Peach earrings. The cute bird necklaces are awesome too. Basically, I like them all :)

  8. It was SOOO hard to choose, I made a whole list!!! LOL but my favorite is the Floral Wreath Charm with Mint opal glass drop!!!!!

  9. Yours are gorgeous and I love the gold filigree earrings!

  10. Wow what stunning jewelery! I am so crushing on the Gold trimmed Pear cut Peach earrings! Anything with gold is a real winner in my book!

  11. I love the aquamarine tear drop earrings.

  12. I love the golden shadow earrings!

  13. I love the gold shadow earrings you have. I also bought some silver drop earrings for my wedding like those pictured {possibly from her, I can't remember}.

  14. Wow they have beautiful pieces! I like these earrings: http://www.earringsnation.com/bridesmaid-jewelry/aquamarine-glass-and-clear-glass-connector-stylish-glass-drop-earrings#.UthSj9JDuKI

    Followed you and them! :)

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  16. I actually love the same ones you picked out. Soft color, simple and elegant. Gorgeous. And I liked her page :)

  17. I love the ones that you have on, and the Coral flower and Rose Peach Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings!!

  18. fb Karin Shaim
    email cookiesmasher5@yahoo.com
    bloglovin username karins28

    and my favorite is clear glass pear cut gold trimmed earrings,they are stunning!!

  19. Love the earrings you have - too precious! I'm also a fan of the PACIFIC OPAL SWAROVSKI SQUARE BRIDESMAID EARRINGS.

    And I adore the story - such an amazing woman to celebrate! Eshet Chayil!

  20. Bloglovin https://www.bloglovin.com/stephaniegossett

    I liked you both on FB

    I love the pictures. You are so gorgeous! Love your outfit!

    I love the Silver Night (Dark Grey) with Jonquil Swarovski Crystal Dangle Earrings

    Thanks for the chance!

    beachmommy 915 at gmail dot com

  21. VERY hard to choose a fave - but I do love these ones: CORAL FLOWER WITH CHRYSOLITE OPAL SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL BRIDAL EARRINGS. http://www.earringsnation.com/bridesmaid-jewelry/coral-flower-with-chrysolite-opal-swarovski-crystal-bridal-earrings Thanks for introducing us to a great new business!

  22. They are all gorgeous. I chose Swarovski Crystal Bridal Earrings from EarringsNation
    Clear White Swarovski Crystal Tear drop Bridal Earrings

    mrsrodjac at hotmail.com

  23. What a wonderful giveaway...you have great taste sweet friend! I would get the exact earrings that you bought. And I would proabaly wear them everyday!

  24. Would LOVE a pair just like yours!! Gorgeous! Perfect for every day!

  25. I love the pair you are wearing. So lovely and elegant! I also love the square bridal set. Any of these would be fabulous to own. My hubby is in the Air Force and away at training. It would be fabulous to have a pair to wear for our reunion. Thanks for the fun giveaway!


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