Hoi An, Vietnam {day 1}

Monday, January 27

Vietnam, you stole my heart. 
you and your gorgeous beaches, your mysterious lagoons, and your jovial people. 

Friends, I will say that in all my travels, Vietnam has claimed a spot in my top 5 favorite! 
yes and amen, it was that wonderful! 

Hoi An was our first stop in Vietnam, and boy did I fall flat out in love. 
Hoi An is a an electric mix of french and japanese influence,
lazy beach culture, trendy shops, and a bustling food scene. 
these people know how to cook and eat! 

Hoi An was once one of the most important trading cities in all of Asia.
but when the river silted up, it became a forgotten backwater town,
keeping the city so well preserved! 
{much to our advantage!!}

Our first day in Hoi An, we hopped on bicycles and headed towards the beach. 
We paid $2 to rent chairs and an umbrella, and read and swam and relaxed all day.
best $2 i've ever spent!!  

That afternoon, we pedaled our way back into town,
and drank up the cities charm. 
Hoi An is one dreamy town. 
{there is even classical music playing out of speakers all around town!}  

The food scene here is out of control! 
There are tons of famous restaurants with celebrity Vietnamese chef's,
and literally you will be in awe of their food presentation. 
We had so much fun trying out a new place every night. 

On this particular day, we ate at "Morning Glory" restaurant, a city favorite! 
The ambiance was fantastic, and the food delightful! 

But truly, Hoi An comes alive at night,
when a thousand lanterns light up the city. 
it could not have been more perfect! 

Since i literally took a bazillion pictures of Hoi An, You'll see part 2 on Wednesday! {here
Enjoy this colorful city today!! Happy Monday Friends! 

ps- if you've missed the beginning of my travel series, 
you can see the first two installments {here} and {here}…way way more to come soon! 

love Katie 

 {the next three pictures make me so happy. 
I asked this little girl to smile, and this is what I got…perfection!} 

{You must eat at "Morning Glory" restaurant! so fabulous and run by a celebrity chef!}

see Part 2 here
{Part 2 includes where we stayed, where we ate, and what we did, so make sure to check it out!}


  1. How beautiful! Who would have guessed you guys would get to see so many amazing places together...and that little girl's smile - so precious!

  2. The whole city is so vibrant! Wow, my wanderlust is out of control right now! Also, that little girl's expression = priceless. <3

  3. I love your pics. Hoi An was one of my favorite stops in Vietnam too. In fact just this weekend I was going through all my photos and was reminded about how blessed my trip to this wonderful land filled with a tragic history and vibrant future was!!

  4. Oh my gosh, so, so, SO gorgeous!!! All your posts really make me want to go on a trip to Asia and explore all the off beaten places! I just love the vibrancy in all your photos!

  5. Oh my goodness! These photos and your description makes me want to pack up and go right now!

  6. Breathtaking. Those lights and colors....be still my heart!! And I am loving your travel series...so helpful and practical!!

  7. Wow, your photos are so incredible. Before now I never really had a desire to travel to Vietnam, but I think this post may have changed things! :) Thank you as always for sharing.



  8. These are amazinnnggg photos!!!!!! Looks like such an awesome place! I was supposed to go to Vietnam when I spent time in Asia in 2010 and this is so bumming me out that we didn't get to go!!

  9. You know, I never really thought about traveling really anywhere in Asia, but you're slowly changing my mind on that... =)

  10. Gosh, I just LOVE these! And yes, that little girl's smile is the BEST!!!

  11. my goodness - stunning photographs.
    the three of the little girl - her first face is PRICELESS! so cute!
    really sounds like a lovely place to vacation! thanks for sharing!

  12. Hoi An was my favorite city to visit in Vietnam. I just love how time seems to have stood still there. So strikingly beautiful!

  13. so pretty. Yes, that little girl's smile is precious!

  14. Love all the bright bits of color, and the crinkled-nose smile. Such vibrant photographs!

  15. Hoi An is indeed a gem in Vietnam. But there are many places to explore in this beautiful country. At least that's what I discovered in an eight-year exploration for my photography book, www.Vietnam40YearsLater.com. The book, due out March 1, takes a look at Vietnam four decades after the end of the war.

  16. All your travel photos are so amazing! It's no surprise you are getting business as a photographer. You've got so much talent, girl!

  17. These photos are fabulous! I especially love the night photos with all the lanterns!

  18. I love these photos! great photography! I love the traveling pictures they make me want to go out and travel the world :) I really want to go to thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia ! But first Costa rica in summer hehe :) I just recently started blogging about my Traveling and my life in general and I'd love it if you dropped by my blod :)) http://lifelation.blogspot.com

  19. the colors - my goodness! everything is so vibrant! BEAUTIFUL.

  20. I am obessed with your photography -- how you do get such vibrant color in every single photo?

  21. Thank you so much for posting this! I definetly want to go here someday!!
    Beyond Gorgeous and heatfelt(:

  22. Yes to Katie's comment! All the pictures are so vibrant and bright. And the ones at night are stunning. Thanks for sharing! Although now I'm jealous :)

  23. This is just so lovely! Vietnam looks so beautiful.

  24. how beautiful and relaxing!! no wonder this is in your top 5!!

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