winter on the canadian prairies

Monday, January 20

 I'm not going to lie…it's been in the 80's all week, and I even went to the beach and laid out in my swimsuit with a friend! Crazy January weather! But…my dear friend Chantel who lives in Canada has recently captured some gorgeous and mystical pictures of the prairies of Canada covered in snow! I found so much beauty in her photographs, that I asked if she would share them on my blog with you. I always wondered what it would be like to live in the snow…much less Canada! So today I hope you are blessed by her stunning representation of her hometown:)
Enjoy, love Katie! 

Hey Hope Engaged friends! My name is Chantel and I blog over at a harvest of blessing, I live with my husband and three year old daughter in the middle of the Canadian prairies in a province called Saskatchewan (which means "swift-flowing river" in Cree). I've loved connecting with Katie over the last year or so, and as you all know, she is an amazing woman with a beautiful heart for God and His people!

Katie asked if I would share some of my photos of our winter. Winter in Saskatchewan usually lasts from October/November until March or April, my birthday is in the latter half of May and I remember it snowing on my birthday in the past. Seems crazy when you compare it to the warm winter southern California is having now.

This time of year is always a hard one for me so for the last two years I've challenged myself to try to capture the beauty that occurs during this season. Beauty abounds, that is for certain, and I am always amazed each spring as the land transforms and new birth and growth occurs.
One thing I love about the snow, is that it makes a great backdrop for photos. On the weekend it was bearable enough to hop outside the vehicle for a few minutes and my husband snapped a few pictures of me. The fog was beautiful that day and I absolutely love the snowy and foggy backdrop!
How is the weather where you live? I'm always interested in hearing how there can be such a variety of temperatures across North America throughout the winter. If you want to send me some warm wishes I'd love it if you stopped over at a harvest of blessing -I love connecting with new people.
I hope you are finding beauty in the winter wherever God has you right now!


  1. These photos are beautiful, so serene even though I hate the cold.

  2. absolutely breathtaking! Looks so similar to where we live in Ontario!

  3. this is lovely! first off your comment was so sweet, thank you! secondly i don't live in the prairie but my winter isn't looking too much differently than yours! lots of white, grey skies, and snow. it is definitely chilly! hope you enjoy the rest of january!! :)

  4. I love Psalm 46:10 :) these photos are awesome! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  5. Lovely photos. I like the fog too :)


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