Tuesday, January 14

{yep, this was the best I could do today! hehe} 

 January has been really brilliant this year. 
I've been savoring the days filled with so much rest and seeing friends, 
and gearing up for school to start! {a first-day-of-school-picture coming soon! haha}
Not to mention that today was 85 degrees! 
I know, I KNOW! 
swoon…my heart is filled with sunshine! 
but i'll stop with the weather talk now 
so the rest of the nation doesn't ban me from the blogging world, hehe:) 

So far in January, 
we've made some tough decisions about a few ideas we had in the works. 

Thought we may buy a house, and now we're feeling more at peace about not. 
Thought we may go to Nepal in May to visit, but after much prayer, didn't feel peace about that either. 

Thought about starting a photography business, and felt a lot of peace about that! {horay!}
Thought I might start school to get my MFT degree, and i'm so at peace about that I start the 23rd! {prayers appreciated}

It's a good word for me right now, an even better feeling. 

I wanted to give you guys a heads up as to where the blog is headed these next few months! I've been doing a lot of writing, which I love and adore, and is so life-giving to me! Here are a few series coming your way…

Travel series
Yes…it is finally happening! 
 I'm launching this month long series SOON. 
Topics covered include:
 "How to pay for travel", "How to plan your trip", "Where to travel" etc. 
I cannot wait to roll this one out:) 

Transformation Series: 
As requested from many readers, 
I have a few posts coming up about how the Lord took my fragile anxious heart, 
and brought me to a place of peace. Hallelujah, amen! 

I have a really fun/cute give-away set for Thursday…so stay turned! 
Can't wait to give these sweet babies away! 

Lastly, I will be notifying all the winners from the photography give-away tomorrow. 
And i've picked quite a few winners, so get excited:) 

Ladies, thanks for being a friend to me. I'm excited for 2014. 
What are you excited about this year? 

love Katie 
Happy 2014:) 


  1. You are too cute! I am SO excited to read your travel series! My husband and I are planning a few trips this year, and your posts will definitely come in handy. :)

    Have a great day! Oh, and I can't wait to see your first day of school pic!

  2. You are adorable! And I am loving your blog :) I can't wait to continue following along this year and am excited to read your series that you have planned!!

  3. Looking forward to everything you've got planned! Also, you just had to go and brag about that temperature, didn't you?! :)

  4. Oh sweet Katie, your passion for life & for the Lord makes my heart sing! So excited to see how the Lord continues to work in and through you in 2014. Lifting you up in prayer as school approaches! xox

    p.s. I know of a trip you and Kevin can take it 2014 ;)

  5. so excited for all the fun things coming!

  6. I pray school & life turn out great for you, Katie. Oh, and you have such gorgeous eyes! :) (I'm sitting behind my desk at work and smiling my face off cos I'm excited for you, plus your blog is a breath of fresh air.)

  7. You're adorbs! Yes...peace from God is a BEAUTIFUL thing!!! So excited for all your new endeavors! Also pumped for this travel series!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I can't wait for your travel and transformation series!

  9. You two are the cutest! I will definitely pray for you as you start both school and the photography business. I have no doubt that you will succeed in both.

  10. Woo photography business! Definitely a good move :) you have been given such a beautiful talent

  11. that picture totally made me LOL - just looks like something my and my hubby would do. By the way, YAY for a good jan.

  12. i love that y'all pray through each decision. I believe it's something so important, but we let fall way too often.
    yay for school + photography! God will continue to guide both of you and I'm excited to see where He leads!

  13. Love that first picture! Glad to have found your blog and be following along now :)

  14. You are so cute!! I'm so excited to read more about all of these things, and I love how you let God lead you in your decisions. So important :-)

  15. isn't it awesome the Lord responds with placing that peace in our hearts about our decisions. so good He is directing you to the right place. looking forward to reading your new series!

  16. Mmmm, I think you should add coming to live in South Africa to the list of things to pray about... I have a lot of peace about that ;)

  17. I'm excited to see your first day of school picture! You are so cute! :)

  18. Y'all are the cutest. Can't wait for the travel series!

  19. Love the photos! Happy January!

  20. Yay! I'm excited to see everything you have for the blog. Also, what is MFT? Marriage and family therapy? I've always wanted to get a counseling degree. I really want to get a degree in counseling where the Bible is the main methods used. I guess that's called Biblical counseling =)

  21. I love you even more because of these pictures! Ha.

  22. I'm really excited to see about your travel series!! I've never been much good at blog series...I like random too much... but I want to try one day

  23. can't wait for the "first day of school" photo ;)

  24. So excited for your upcoming series Katie! =D


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