Hoi An, Vietnam {Day 2&3}

Thursday, January 30

If you missed our first day in Hoi An, Vietnam you can see it {here}

We were in Hoi An for a total of 3 days, and it was not enough.
But, we absolutely took advantage of this lovely and historic coastal town!
Day two we rented a motorbike from our hotel…$8 for the whole day! score:)

Kevin was livin' the dream as we scootered all around the Vietnamese countryside!
He convinced me to drive for a little bit and it was hysterical, as I was pretty freaked out…
so after some nervous and shaky stretches, I handed the reigns back to him and was content to just
soak in the beauty and culture around me!

we zoomed past rice paddies, beaches, families eating meals together, schools, and large propaganda posters. I was enthralled by this country. So much history, rich and sad, unfair and beautiful.

For all the Vietnamese suffered under the US during the Vietnam war,
I was genuinely surprised to find the local people so welcoming towards us as Americans.
Literally, Vietnamese people are so jovial and always joking. Like really, they were funny.

A list of must-see/ must-do's in Hoi An include:
- Eating out!!! Our favorite places: 
            *Bale Well {this was my absolute favorite and most memorable eatery from our entire trip!
              They only have one item on the menu, and they bring out plates upon plates and show you
              how to pack it into a spring roll. It was like WHOA in your mouth…i've never tasted anything
              like it! Pictures below!}
            * Food Stalls {our second favorite meal in Hoi An was the food stalls across the bridge and to
               the left! For just a few dollars, Kev and I stuffed ourselves on the famous Hoi An specialty
               called Cau Lao. It's a mixture of noodles, meat and veggies with a scrumptious sauce! And
               beer was 13 cents…Kev was all over that one!}
             * Morning Glory {One of the many restaurants run by a celebrity Vietnamese chef. This one I
               loved more for the ambiance than for the food. The food was good, but the packed nature of
               the venue just had a great synergy that was worth experiencing!!}

- Renting bicycles
          * When in Hoi An, do as the locals do and bike! Families, children and businessmen alike all
             bike around the city as the major transportation. It is a gorgeous view and things are close
             together! Our hotel had free bikes to use, so we took advantage of that!

- Renting a scooter:
           * In order to see more of the countryside and surrounding areas, a scooter is a fabulous way to
              get around! We rented ours for $8 a day, and used it quite frequently!

- Beach it up!! 
            * Hoi An has a gorgeous beach about 5-10 minutes driving from the main city. We biked this
              one day and it took about 30 minutes, but on a scooter it takes around 5 minutes. The beach is
              absolutely gorgeous…crystal clear waters and chairs/umbrellas to rent for $2 a day. You just
              can't beat this most relaxing spot!

           * Hoi An is known for tailoring. You could bring a picture of a clothing item you are dying to
              own, and a tailor will make an exact replica for you! As much as I wanted to do this, our
              backpacks had no room for any more clothes, haha!!

- Accommodations: 
           * Our hotel, The Botanic Garden Homestay, was between the beach and the downtown area.
              We loved the location, and it was made easy with bike or scooter! We totally recommend this
               hotel if you are going…lovely people and gorgeous grounds!

As a side note, to get to Hoi An you can fly or train from Hanoi or Ho Chi Min City to Da Nang, and from Da Nang you can take a bus, or in our case, our hotel picked us up!

Basically we cherised our time in Hoi An, and I think we would move there if we could.
A most unique, relaxing, and historical city!

Happy Wednesday friends,
love Katie

 {our hotel}


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